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Join us 7/11: Virtual Jackson People's Assembly on policing

Announcing the Jackson’s People’s Assembly on Policing. This virtual/online city-wide assembly for residents of Jackson, is being held for community members to share their concerns and real solutions around policing and safety. Residents will talk about how they experience policing in Jackson, what the city can do to improve safety, and how we can create alternatives to prisons and jails that actually address harm and violence. 

  • Jul 11, 2020 01:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

Meet Your Neighbor

Meet Arekia Bennett, South Jackson neighbor and young leader who takes her commitment to Jackson and Mississippi very seriously.  Arekia is a native Jacksonian whose family has deep roots in the city.  Graduating from Jackson State in 2016 with a degree in physics, Arekia comes from a long line of JSU alums.   While at JSU, she founded GIRL (Gathering Information Related to Ladies) which supports young women and girls in their healing journey through storytelling.  Arekia is Executive Director of MS Votes, an organization that helps young and returning residents exercise their right to vote.  In addition to her many efforts to support young people in Jackson, Arekia also volunteers with Jackson People’s Assembly.  Arekia is a wonderful example of why our neighbors are Jackson’s greatest resource!

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Love Fest 2020

Saturday, February 29th from 11AM to 4PM at BattleField Park, the Jackson People’s Assembly + partners all over JXN, are coming together to keep it real about our city AND celebrate JXN’s greatest asset – our PEOPLE

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Our Community Agreements

As a member and/or supporter of the Jackson community, I agree to make a conscious
commitment to honor the following agreements:


Respect the rights of others to hold opinions and beliefs that differ from your own. When you disagree, challenge/critique the idea, not the person.


Practice intentional listening. Let your comments, request for clarification, critiques, etc.,  and reflect that you have paid attention to the comments made by the person who spoke before you.


Step up and step back. Share responsibility. If you have much to say, try to hold back a bit; if you are hesitant to speak, look for opportunities to
contribute to the discussion.


Recognize that we are still learning. Be willing to change your perspective and make space for others to do the same.


Create a safe space for sharing. Keep personal stories that people share, personal.


Always be guided by and offer contributions that are rooted and come from our desire to improve our beloved community of Jackson. Collective gain is our goal.

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