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What does Jackson City Council do? 

The Jackson City Council acts as the legislative branch of the city government. Meaning, they have the power to create new laws that apply to just the city of Jackson. For example in 2010, after a series of unjust stops of young black men by JPD and unjust stops of people in the Spanish-speaking immigrant community, the Jackson  City Council created a law known as the “Human Rights Ordinance” that bans racial profiling based on race and nationality.  The Jackson City Council is also responsible for approving the City Budget. This is one if it’s biggest functions.

Jackson City Council is also your direct representative for your neighborhood, so if you have a problem with something in your neighborhood, your City Councilperson is the government representative that is responsible for helping you to improve that.

Who sits on the council?

The Jackson City Council consists of seven Councilpersons representing the 7 wards of Jackson. The Mayor of Jackson also has a seat on the City Council but is unable to vote. The current city council members are: 

Ward 1 – Ashby Foote

Ward 2 – Melvin Priester, Jr.

Ward 3 – Kenneth I. Stokes

Ward 4 – De’Keither Stamps

Ward 5 – Charles Tillman 

Ward 6 – Aaron Banks

Ward 7 – Virgi Lindsey 

Does the Mayor have a say on the Jackson City Council? 

Jackson has a Mayor-Council form of government, meaning it’s a check and balance type of system. The Mayor has the power to create laws via executive order, has authority over all city departments, and drafts the City Budget. The City Council also has the power to approve or disapprove of the City Budget. It can also create laws, but the mayor has the power to veto those laws if she/he deems that necessary. For example, in 2019 the Office of the Mayor engaged in Participatory Budgeting process fo include residents in setting the priorities for the City budget. The City Council then voted on the budget, with four of the Council people voting to pass the “People’s Budget” and three of the Council people voting against passage. 

Our City Council Wrap Up

“Creating Jobs Where Jobs are Needed” – City Council Wrap up Jan. 2021

At a committee meeting Tuesday, 6 of the board’s seven members agreed unanimously to enter into a contract with K. Craft Associates to facilitate a workshop on race, equity, and inclusion as it relates to leadership development for the Jackson workforce leadership academy. The project stands to receive funding from the Aspen institute in a move aimed at substantial job creation in the City.

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“Putting Jackson First – Mayor introduces CIty Development Plan”– City Council Wrap up Jan. 2021

Restoring the city’s roads, enhancing the transportation system and creating business opportunities in Jackson dominated the conversation during the City Council’s January 5th meeting. On Tuesday, the Mayor and his administration introduced several proposals aimed at revitalizing the city,one of which utilizes city funds to  target undeveloped areas of Jackson. Mayor Lumumba introduced an order authorizing an agreement with the company Naviretail LLC to provide recruitment services in the city of Jackson. 

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