About The People’s Assembly

Malcolm X Grassroots Movement’s Akil Bakari speaks on the history of the People’s Assembly

What is a People’s Assembly?

A People’s Assembly is exactly how it sounds – an assembly or coming together of community members to share ideas about the city and let the city know what matters to us as residents.  People’s Assemblies (PAs) happen all over the world.  Some are very large and take on national issues.  Some, like ours in Jackson, are focused on local issues.  One of the first PAs took place in Lowndes County, Alabama in the 1960s and there have been a number of assemblies in Jackson and throughout the south ever since. Initiated by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement in coalition with Jackson residents and community groups, PAs are where community members make their voices heard.  What kind of city do you want to live in?  What can we do together to make Jackson a great place to live, work and worship?  Join us and let us dream and work together.

What happens at a People’s Assembly?

Community members come together to share their opinion about what they would like to see happen in the city.  There are polls where community members will be asked a few questions about what they care about.  These polls can be answered on people’s phones, on a sheet of paper or using one of the tablets that will be available at the gathering.  We will also break into small group conversations so everyone will have a chance to share and hear from each other.  After the small groups, we will gather the information that was shared and report back to everyone what we learned and share that with the city to inform their decisions. People’s Assemblies are an important way for how we, as residents, come together and make our voices heard.

Community Agreements (Download)

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