“Improving Jackson’s Roads” – City Council Wrap up Jan. 2021

In spite of any concern with the administration’s approach to revitalizing Jackson, the city continued to take substantial steps towards upgrading local infrastructure, as the Mayor introduced a resolution to make substantial upgrades to the  West capitol street area infrastructure. Dr. Charles Williams from the City’s department of public; “ With the mayor’s support we were able to garner funds from the $35 Million infrastructure bond to put towards this project “ 

Expected to launch within sixty days, the project will move forward in two phases, the first being a new corridor from I 220 all the way down to Prentice Street, while the second leg of the project makes these same improvements from Prentice street to Gallatin street. Dr. Williams explained that this was a first step by the city to attract new residents;  “If we want to attract new housing in the future. We have to make sure the utilities and the infrastructure are there.

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