“Where does our City’s Money go?” – City Council Wrap Up 9/1/2020

On Tuesday the City Council voted 3-2  to authorize the Mayor’s right to execute contracts for the city in the total amount of $7,401,794.02. The bulk of the monies approved went to contracts between the city and the following companies; Superior Asphalt ($1 Million/Fund 173);Veolia North America ($1.Million/Fund 187):Temple Construction ($840,516.48/Fund 357); Transdev Services ($379,193.35 Fund 187)

Councilman Stokes voiced his concern on record with the approval of contracts for  Veolia North America”, stating “ I strongly disagree with Veolia, their practices and some of the things they have done“.

Mayor Lumumba expressed concern in maintaining inclusion of all businesses that look at contracting with the city of Jackson, specifically minority contractors who are often “unaware of what it takes to get involved “ and maintained that planning should include a focus on enlightening as well. 

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